Monday, 9 July 2012


i just had the perfect weekend

♥ snuggles with my girls
♥ singing in the car to nana and pa's
♥ coffee and chatting with the in laws
♥ a trip to the hot springs
♥ a stunning day
♥ sitting in the sun drinking boutique beers
♥ a delicious lunch
♥ a lot of romance
♥ a afternoon nap
♥ watching the sunset over the bay
♥ dinner out
♥ a few drinks out
♥ a small sleep in
♥ watching the sunrise over the bay
♥ a leisurely breakfast
♥ lots of chatting and hand holding
♥ reuniting with my girls
♥ fun in the park
♥ a picnic
♥ lots of family snuggles
♥ yummy dinner
♥ a big sleep

i feel amazing today... blissed out

reconnecting with my husband and falling just that little bit more in love with him


  1. I just checked the dictionary, and that there is the definition of a perfect weekend :)